Are you sick of the games?

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We frequently have companies contact us because they are just fed up with the games or perceived games played by their current factoring company. Unfortunately, because factoring is not a regulated industry like insurance or real estate, factoring companies are not always held to a certain standard of honesty, transparency, or ethics. Don't get me wrong, just because an industry is regulated doesn't mean that bad business practices go away; and just because factoring doesn't have as much government regulation doesn't mean that all factoring companies are bad. There are certainly many great factoring companies out there but there are also a few bad apples :(. If you are looking for a factor who is straight, honest, hardworking, and looking out for you please let us know. If you are only looking for the absolute cheapest rate I don't think we'll be a great fit. Although our rates are extremely competitive we pride ourselves on our outstanding service. We are fast, flexible and on your side!

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